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At GMQ Tops, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect color for your granite countertops in Montgomery, Alabama. To make your selection process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most popular granite colors among our customers.

  • Absolute Black: This classic, timeless color adds sophistication and depth to any kitchen. Its versatility allows it to complement a wide variety of cabinet styles, making it a popular choice for granite countertops Montgomery, Alabama.
  • White Ice: For homeowners seeking a bright and airy feel, White Ice granite is an excellent choice. This color features subtle veins of gray and black, adding visual interest while maintaining a clean, modern appearance.
  • Santa Cecilia: This warm, beige-toned granite features specks of black, brown, and gold, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Santa Cecilia is perfect for those who desire a neutral yet visually appealing countertop.
  • Steel Grey: A popular choice for contemporary kitchens, Steel Grey granite features a mix of light and dark gray hues with subtle speckles. This color pairs well with stainless steel appliances and modern cabinetry.
  • Ubatuba: This striking, dark green granite is infused with gold, brown, and black speckles, making it a unique and eye-catching option for your kitchen countertops.

At GMQ Tops, we’re dedicated to helping you find the ideal granite countertops in Montgomery, Alabama, to suit your personal style and preferences. Visit our showroom today to explore our extensive range of high-quality marble, quartz or granite colors and transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love.

Top 5 Most Popular Granite Colors for Your Dream Kitchen: GMQ Tops