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Natural stones retain a timeless beauty. Statuario Nero quartz countertops are a gorgeous asset to any modern kitchen design. ... Read More
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Because of the feldspar in granite making it resistant to scratching, heat, degradation of color and texture, and the silicates protecting it from stains and acids, granite is an ever-growing favored choice for structural and decorative purposes. These qualities make ... Read More
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OPENING OF A 2ND SHOWROOM IN CHELSEA, AL 📢 We’re delighted to announce that GMQ Tops launched a second showroom. We have been working on this for quite some time and we’re happy to finally have this completed. WELCOME! 📍16145 ... Read More
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Our completed project!

We are very excited to share this beautiful kitchen transformation with you! How do you like this completed project from 0 to 10? ... Read More
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Which countertop is more durable – granitу or or marble?

For the most durable natural stone material, choose granite countertops in Alabama. Granite countertops have the following resilient qualities: ▫️Durable granite resists chips and cracks. ▫️You can cut right on the surface. ▫️Spills wipe away quickly without staining. ▫️While marble ... Read More
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Where does natural quartz come from?

Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral commonly found in many types of rocks. This includes the igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks you probably learned about in your high school science class. Because quartz is a very hard material, it does ... Read More
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Why choose GMQ Tops: 1. We take the time to listen. 2. We provide professional installation services. 3. We stand by the products we carry. 4. Our products are all backed up by the best warranties in the business. Give ... Read More